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Menzies' Natives Nursery is dedicated to producing and selling native trees and shrubs. The nursery is a homegrown family owned small business devoted to the gathering and preparation of indigenous species seedlings, and cuttings of the Northwest Pacific Bio-Region under indigenous nursery conditions.

Why Natives?
It should be noted that every section of the United States has particularly beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers as part of their natural topography. In the search for novelty and as a result of the advertising of exotic and created plants, the charm of our native plants has been largely overlooked by the average gardener - until recently.

There has been a growing appreciation of natives for their suitability in landscape work, especially in naturalized and informal planting as well as habitat restoration and re-vegetation projects. Natives emphasize the preservation of genetic integrity and the growing of healthy vigorous plants adapted for survival in a wild situation where follow-up care is not usually available. Natives are diverse in their growing habitats.

Services Offered

Botanical Consultations
 Design & Implementation
   Industrial sites
   New Vegetative Management
    Planting & site arrangement
    Planting seasons
    Site selection
    Native trees
    Native shrubs
    Soils & Other materials
    Habitat restoration
    Riparian restoration
Vegetative Management
Pruning & Procedures
Herbology Classes

Native Species Available
Menzies' Natives Nursery has over 300 varieties of native plant species at the Nursery - all indigenous to the Northwest Pacific Area. Over 700 varieties have been or are being grown at any one of several satellite locations.

Botanical Consulting
Robert Menzies is available for consulting to private parties, commercial developers, municipalities and government agencies on a variety of subjects or situations within the United States.

"We choose our clients carefully. This allows us to develop and nurture relationships that are mutually beneficial to the habitat the client and to us."

"Our plants are special to us. We love to see them go to good environments where they are cared for as much as we care for them while they are here at our Nursery."

 -- Robert Menzies



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